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Clean Sky’s sustainability policy aims at providing best cleaning services in Sydney to help potential clients keep their home and environment cleaner and greener. The policy revolves around the company’s commitment towards sustainability and its responsibility in preserving the environment. Ultimately, the company’s aim is to be able to integrate sustainability into every sphere of work and have a positive impact on every person associated with Clean Sky - be it clients, employees, or the community as a whole.

What does being sustainable mean to Clean Sky?

- To comply with all applicable sustainability legislation and regulations.

- To integrate sustainability into all business processes and operations.

- To keep the staff well educated about the Company’s sustainability policy.

- Implementing the policy throughout the organization.

- To minimize the adverse impacts of unplanned transportations activities on the sustainability policy of the company.

- To set an example for all our associates, including clients and suppliers about how important a sustainability policy is.

- Strive continuously to improve the sustainability policy with every passing year.

Principals of Clean Sky Sustainability Policy

In order to determine if any action or decision has had a positive impact over our sustainability efforts, there are certain key considerations. So, here is a mention of the Clean Sky Sustainability Policy that helps you understand our commitment towards the environment and ecology.

Integrating all short-term and long-term considerations

By integrating all short-term and long-term goals with sustainability, the company aspires for a holistic implementation of the policy. Be it a business decision, economic decision, and decisions impacting the community, at Clean Sky, we take into consideration all the dimensions of sustainability.

Responsibility towards the generations to come

While it is our duty to make our today greener, at Clean Sky we firmly believe in preserving every resource available with us, for use by the younger generations. It is not advisable to use all natural resources. All members of the community should have equitable right over resources and this can only be done, if we use them prudently. 

Maintaining Biodiversity and natural environmental systems

Although it’s not in the hand of a single company to preserve all the natural environmental systems, what we can do is make our small contribution, by never disturbing the natural habitats of animals and plants for our personal benefits. We wish to build healthier relations between humans and natural environment.

Avoid irreversible damage to the environment

No matter how much the company decisions impacts its profits, if it is going to adversely impact the environment, and causes irreversible damage, we are willing to discard it. We never wish to take impulsive short-term decisions and bear negative consequences in the future.

Global influences on the environment

We ensure to recognize the impact of our actions that goes beyond local borders, but highly influences the globe. So, while we may not be able to single handedly stop climate change, we can surely set an example for others by making all possible contributions from our side, including reducing green house gas emissions.

Engaging all business stakeholder

Engaging all business stakeholders to participate in our collective efforts to make a difference to the environment, we wish to increase the awareness of our employees, clients, suppliers, cleaners and the community as a whole. We are willing to extend them as much help as possible to promote collective responsibility towards the environment, and its sustainability.

Statement of Intent

We promote quality work by implementing actions and responsibilities that comply with sustainable business practices. Ever since its inception, the objective of Clean Sky has been to provide immediate and best solution to all cleaning needs, sustainably.

Our staff is well equipped with the know-how, cleaning equipment and products that comply with green standards set by the legislation. Everyone in the staff is trained to deliver any type of cleaning service with a professional touch. We ensure best quality cleaning services within the deadline and reasonable costs.

In any case if a client is not satisfied with the quality of work we deliver, they can call us within 24 hours. We shall take immediate note and send our best teams to fix the problem. Since customer satisfaction is above all for us, this we believe is a part of our always-at-your-service-sir policy we abide by as a professional cleaning company.


Clean Sky is one of the few well-recognized cleaning professionals in Sydney, Australia. With industry experience of more than five years, our sole target is to provide satisfactory cleaning services to our customers throughout Australia. We aspire to take our hard-earned status further and prove to be the number one cleaning company by meeting our responsibilities towards preserving the environment and ecology.

Every employee at Clean Sky feels liable to provide 100% satisfaction to all our customers. We strongly believe that if you are not satisfied with the quality of work as a customer, we did not meet your expectations. In any such case, we urge our customers to feel free to give us a call within 24 hours so that we can send back our team to do things in your desired way for you. We expect you to help us improve where needed so we can serve people with all our dedication.

Training and Output Strategy

By virtue of our experience of years, we have realized that any kind of accommodation, be it commercial or residential, needs professional cleaners for as long as they exist. Daily cleaning is necessary to enhance the life span of a property. And, if this cleaning is done without keeping the environment in mind, we can end up ruining resources unnecessarily.

Considering all this, we have sufficient number of employees available at any point of time to do cleaning work at your place. They are divided into teams depending upon their specialties, so they can accomplish the given task in time without any delay. All of them are separately trained for different cleaning purposes within commercial and residential accommodations, which make them experts in delivering quality services in the shortest span of time, without wasting resources.


It is critical to regularly gauge the progress towards the overall progress of the policy, and so we have a dedicated team, who prepares quarterly reports on the extent of our contribution in preserving the environment. We ensure there is no gap in the targets we set and achieved. We are thankful to our employees who take sustainability as their personal responsibility and help the organization to move ahead.

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