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Thursday, 12 December 2013 03:49

Before You Sign an Office Cleaning Contract

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A quote provided by a cleaning service company is most likely to be based on the characteristics of the facility as well as myriad cleaning requirements (if you did mention a few). While some companies can provide a final quote online, others provide a tentative quote at first and inspect the premises before quoting a final price. In either case, it’s prudent to consider the following pointers before signing the contract:

  1. To begin with, you need to know whether the company you’re dealing with is actually having enough staff, equipments and experience in providing commercial cleaning or not. There are small time companies in Sydney that actually clean residential buildings in an ad-hoc manner and portray themselves as big cleaning companies. Beware.
  2. Were you quoted a substantial ‘final price’ without on-site inspection? If that’s the case, chances are the contractor or company is focused on grabbing clients’ way more than in providing quality service.
  3. A cleaning service company must have enough liability and workers compensation insurance cover. Liability insurance as well as Third Party Bond Request is an absolute must. A reliable company will most likely provide its prospective clients with copies of insurance certificates before a service agreement is signed by both parties.
  4. Make sure you’re dealing directly with the service provider and not an aggregator. Aggregators merely delegate cleaning (one time or regular) jobs to small contractors. The quality of service or other guarantees are likely to be compromised in case the company assigns the project to independent contractors instead of sending their own employees to your premises.
  5. Will a professional and well-trained manager be present at the site when cleaning is done (on a weekly or monthly basis)? Make it a point to ask the company if it’d be sending just one person or a team to your premises to wrap up the cleaning chores quickly and effectively.
  6. Does the company provide formal training to its employees before they start working on various cleaning projects?
  7. Thoroughly read the contract before you sign it. Find out if all your standard requirements have been described completely in the document.
  8. Learn about the payment options available. While most cleaning service companies in the region receive their payments at the time of service, a handful of professional cleaners also require advance deposits. If you’re paying a fraction of total cost of service as an advance, the contract should protect your interests in case there are some disagreements in future.
  9. Is the bid too low to be true? Beware of contractors and even well established companies that quote too low a price. Do NOT expect great service at throwaway price.
  10. Do you want the company to use eco-friendly products or equipments that make little or no noise? If so, make it a point to confirm the same well in advance.
  11. What if you’re not satisfied with the service provided? If an office cleaner fails to meet your expectations, there should be an easy way to terminate the contract.

Even if you think you’ve found the best cleaning company ever, it’s still important to spend time studying the pointers explained above as sooner or later, you’d have to outsource your cleaning tasks to a dedicated company. Do it for once and you’ll never have to worry about unforeseen circumstances, poor quality, privacy interferences, hidden costs etc. later on!

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