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Thursday, 12 December 2013 03:51

Top Tips for Cleaner Indoor Air in Your Home

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Indoor air quality problems are not uncommon; not in Sydney at least. Everything from carpets and wooden furniture to upholstery and repellants inside your home can contaminate the air you breathe. While short-term symptoms induced by the presence of volatile organic compounds or VOCs inside your home include fatigue, headache, dizziness and irritation in eyes or throat area, long term symptoms such as respiratory infection or asthma can be significantly more devastating.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of best tips for cleaner indoor air in your home:

1. Green & Safe Cleaning Products should be used

Always use green and safe cleaning products in your home. While some dyes have got petroleum extracts in them, a large number of beauty products and fragrances have essential oils that are not processed well. They can have pollens and anyone allergic to them should be really careful in avoiding their use. If you’ve signed up for daily or weekly cleaning service, ask the service provider the cleaning crew is using green and safe products.

2. Get Toxic Chemicals Out of your House

If you’ve stored chlorine powder, pesticides and other petro-chemical products inside your house, it’s a good idea to keep them someplace air. You can either dispose of these chemicals (open packets or lose packs, in particular) with the help of a professional cleaner or seek help from a local waste management body. If you think you’ll need these chemicals at a later date, store them as far away from the indoor area as possible to keep the indoor air clean.

3. Stop Using Air Fresheners

Most fresheners in the market are actually petroleum products. While they can be useful in the short term, they almost certainly do more harm in the long run. Instead of using such air fresheners, it’s a good idea to go for enzyme based deodorizers. They are more effective and safer alternatives to petroleum based air fresheners for removing pet, bathroom, and kitchen or smoke odors.

4. Dry Dusting is a Strict NO

Professional cleaners know that already. But, if you’re cleaning your home without professional assistance on a daily/ weekly basis, you must use damped cloth pieces to lock in the dust particles before you start dusting. If toxins bind themselves to dust particles in the air, they can stay around for a long time and get inhaled by a member of your family.

5. Have Least Soft Surfaces

Soft surfaces including rugs, carpets, curtains etc. can hold a great deal of dust and toxins. The toxin or chemical residue continue to accumulate on these soft surfaces at a steady pace especially if they aren’t’ cleaned properly. While a dedicated home cleaning service in Sydney can do that for you, it’s not always possible hire them for daily cleaning. If it’s weekly or monthly residential cleaning you wishes to go for (due to budget limitation or any other reason), try to minimize the number of surfaces. Get rid of a couple of throw pillows or artificial flowers if they serve no purpose, for example.

Finally, you can grow some small leafy plants inside your home, avoid aerosol sprays and rely on Clean Sky that believes in green cleaning.

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