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Thursday, 12 December 2013 03:53

How To Keep Office Space Clean & Safe

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Why do organizations insist that employees should maintain cleanliness in office space? Well, because a mucky working environment hits upon their productivity appreciably – making them sick, dull and full of boredom.

For that reason, cleaning up of working space is as important as your daily job – that earns you bread and butter.

Office space usually becomes dirty due to accumulation of paper waste, dust and other kinds of litter. It is the duty of ‘housekeeping’ in office to keep office surroundings dirt free but if they are sluggish in performing their duties, you should take a lead and put the matters in palce. While you can always hire a professional cleaning service provider in Sydney, you should still be aware of some basic guidelines such as:

Discard the Waste on a Regular Basis

You should make it a point to search your desk shelves, cabinets and cupboard boxes for any type of waste paper – every morning and minutes before leaving office. It will make your job easier and waste won’t get accumulated in those spooky corners which generally remain unnoticed during dusting sessions.

Sweep the floor religiously

A clean and tidy office floor reflects company’s working methodology. So, make it a point to ask the janitor in your office to sweep the floor area regularly. Office management can distribute duties to the employees to keep track of the sweeping and mopping work, on a weekly basis. That’s important even if a cleaning service sends its crew every week for cleaning.

Set Things in Order

A place where everything is in order is an ideal for work – isn’t it? But, it requires proper planning and workable techniques to sort out the items in an office. This practice not only saves your worthy time but also makes your work flow for the next morning much easier.

Clean your kitchen

The area in any office that remains mostly unattended with respect to provision of cleanliness services is kitchen. Spills on the counter or floor need to mopped and cleaned routinely. There is always a chance of contagious diseases spreading in the office due to garbage accumulation and grime in the kitchen sink.

Rest room sanitation

Can anyone ignore rest room sanitation? Washrooms should be cleaned and sanitized regularly. Cleaning tissues, hand towels and soaps should be available in appropriate supplies in wash room area. You can also place air fresheners in rest room. Being one of the most frequented areas in the entire office, its sanitation should be given the maximum preference.

Standardize and sustain

There is no harm in drafting a standardized manual for daily cleaning activities for your office. As observed the world over, a standardization manual for cleanliness in an office assists in maintaining office hygiene.

You should be well aware that maintenance of sanitation in office is not a short-term affair but something that should be incorporated in daily office activities of every employee. Remember that, if you can’t keep your surrounding clean, clients will hesitate to visiting your office and this will ultimately take a toll on your company’s profits. In case, you are still getting puzzled about developing a mechanism that assists you in keeping your office clean, then you can avail services of CleanSky and observe the difference in no time.

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