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Thursday, 12 December 2013 04:01

End of Lease Cleaning in Sydney: Renter’s Responsibilities

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At the end of a lease, a renter must leave the rented property as clean as the contract demands. All landlords want their apartment to be clean at the end of the contract. Even if tenants want to continue renting the house, they have to do the end of lease cleaning or the contract may not be renewed.

You might not get your bond amount back if the rental property is left unclean. Your landlord could take away cleaning costs from your security deposit and even keep the surplus with him. Since bond money is usually a full month’s rent, you can’t afford to lose it. This very amount is probably going to serve as the bond amount for the next place you hire. So, you can consider hiring a professional cleaner to do end of lease cleaning in Sydney to save energy and time for you.

End of Lease cleaning – How to Start

Professional end of the lease cleaning can be cost effective and also save you time for other more important things. End of lease cleaning can be tiring and hectic, another reason why many people call professionals to help them clean their homes and offices. There are a number of cleaning companies that offer specialized end of the lease cleaning services around Sydney.

But, if you want to do end of lease cleaning by yourself, you will have to divide the work so it doesn’t become burdensome. You can start from the bigger sections of the accommodation and move to smaller ones, keeping in mind that you’ve to cover each and every corner of the property.

Bedrooms and Living Rooms

You can’t clean every part of your living space with the furniture lying around. Heavy beds, sofas, tables and chairs all need to be removed for a thorough session of cleaning. With no furniture around in the bedroom and living room, you can clean the floor, walls, windows and doors thoroughly. It also becomes easier to wipe lighting fixtures, baseboards and vacuum clean the carpets.


Cleaning the kitchen can be really tough as there are so many small and big sections that need to be cleaned. Clean the counter tops, cabinets, drawers, lights, walls and the floor. Cleaning all the surfaces inside out is not an easy task. Cooking counters, washing counters, and storage spaces, they all need to be cleaned thoroughly.


Bathrooms are one of the areas the landlords are always worried about. There are all the chances that your landlord will check how you’ve cleaned the bathrooms. Make sure to clean soap scum on the tub. Clean the toilet well inside out. Clear all the spots and dust and leave the mirrors and faucets shining.

Closets and Common Areas

Cleaning of common areas is usually a part of the lease. It includes hallways, porches, stairways and trash areas.

This also includes dirt and snow removal in some cases, depending upon the lease contract. If you don’t have much experience, you can hire an end of lease cleaning services in Sydney.

Do not forget built-in shelves, banister surfaces, closets and crannies. When you’re done with end of lease cleaning, make sure to re-inspect all the areas just in case you’ve missed a portion that may take away a part of the deposit.

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