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Thursday, 12 December 2013 04:05

Common Upholstery Cleaning Myths

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Like most other areas of work, some myths have also been associated with the upholstery cleaning industry. Though these myths indeed have some basis, with the passage of time tests and analysis have proved how they can impact the quality of work delivered. They might cost you large amounts of money and also waste time.

Here is some common upholstery cleaning myths:

Dry cleaning is the safest

It is true that most problems associated with upholstery cleaning can be attributed to water-based solutions. The line of flaws may include color fading, color bleeding, cellulose browning and texture distortion. Assuming the possibility of damaging a fabric, it is often believed that dry cleaning with dry solvents is more logical than cleaning with water-based solutions.

Well, this belief is true, but not always! Though dry cleaning is less likely to damage delicate fabric, there is no guarantee they won’t cause color bleeding. Also, there are various other ways to stabilize dyes such as using dye setting agents that make cleaning with water-based solutions easier. Generally, neither water-based solutions nor dry cleaning solvents are completely safe, and you should always test them on the fabric you’re going to clean and make sure it is colorfast to those materials.
Cleaning with the hottest water gives best results

Hot water is frequently used for cleaning because it speeds up cleaning and besides, you need not use too much alkaline cleaning detergent that might otherwise cause the colors to fade. But, when you clean oil-loving synthetic fibers with hot water, they release oily soils.

When you are cleaning non-colorfast fabrics, using hot water can cause color bleeding while warm water will not. This also depends upon the cleaning agent and the dye you use though. In case of synthetic fiber velvets, warm water is safer as compared to extremely hot water that can’t be controlled easily.

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Fiber content tags and cleaning code tags are precise cleaning guidelines

You get cleaning code tags and fiber content tags with furniture, and both can be misleading when used as cleaning guidelines. Most fiber content tags don’t tell you about the fiber content of the fabric that is to be cleaned. Instead, they refer to the material used under the fabric for stuffing.

Cleaning codes are generally colorfastness codes given by the manufacturer to tell the customer about the products they can use to maintain the fabric. It’s important to inspect the fabric before using a cleaning product and technique.

Synthetic fabrics don’t trouble much

Olefin, acrylic and nylon are the most common and popular synthetic fabrics. Thesefabrics are doubtlessly easier to clean and you don’t face fiber or color distortion problems. But, this is not always true and heat damage to synthetic velvets is the best example.

Synthetic velvets get permanently distorted by hot water and high temperature cleaning. Also, some synthetic fibers (nylon and acrylic mostly) are not as colorfast as you believe them to be.
It’s no use doing fiber ID tests

Fabric cleaners often find it useless and boring to perform burn test on upholstery fabrics. When upholstery fabrics are made, a variety of fibers are blended and you might get conflicting results on burning these materials together.

Also, the material applied to the fabric’s back in order to stabilize it often misleads cleaners while they try to identify a fiber. It makes no sense to completely overlook the importance of fiber ID tests.

While the above are only a few myths we’ve mentioned, the list is indeed longer. Every fabric needs specialized care.

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