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Thursday, 12 December 2013 04:08

Top 5 tips for house cleaning

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We all love our homes and want to keep them clean and hygienic. This is a difficult task, especially because everything a home is made of, be it furniture, upholstery, decorations, flooring, etc. has become more expensive. Using an incorrect method of cleaning can cost us of thousands of dollars worth of loss. Being careful not only saves us money, but also increases the life of things around at home. Here are the top 5 tip for house cleaning. Take a look!

1. Test a small hidden area of the carpet before steam cleaning With steam cleaning having become one of the most popular ways of cleaning carpets at home, it has become essential for people to understand that the process is somewhat complicated and should only be done by a professional carpet cleaner. And even when professional cleaners come over to clean your carpets, make sure to test the steaming chemicals on one of the hidden corners of the carpet to ensure they don’t burn the fabric or bleed the color.

2. Cleaning windows using a long handle squeegee

Most people undertake

window cleaning only once or twice a year. By the time windows are ready for cleaning they have already accumulated a lot of dirt and have several visible stains over them.

Cleaning windows won’t be a child’s task; it will require the right skill and the right cleaning equipment. Squeegee mounted on a long handle is the best way of reaching the most difficult corners of the windows without making too much effort. Additionally, a longer handle also lessens the chances of scratching the window surface while cleaning.

3. Never spray direct water over upholstery stains

The most instinctive thing we all do when something spills over our precious upholstery is to spray it with water, whereas this should be last thing on our mind. Spraying upholstery with water can cause the formation of water springs over the fabric. The right way to clean spills off the upholstery is to scrap the excess food from the fabric. Then dampen a towel with water, and scrub it over the fabric in a circular motion. If the stain still doesn’t come off, repeat the action several times, scrubbing gently every time.

4. Prevent damaging walls and windows from pressure washing

Although the term pressure washing is self explanatory, many people still confuse it with a garden hose. They use it casually like a garden hose and end up damaging surfaces like walls and windows. Of course, how bad things will be also depends on how strong the pressure applied is. The best way to make use of pressure washing without damaging property is to test different nozzle sizes on different surfaces.

5. Never use commercial oven cleaners on self-cleaning ovens

We know you love your kitchen equipment and also want it look like new always, but incorrect cleaning techniques could prove a disaster for such equipment. For instance ovens – there are two basic types, one that are self-cleaning and the other conventional ovens you need to clean. Self-cleaning ovens burn off all leftover food to ash every time you use them, but using cleaning agents/chemicals could interfere with self-cleaning and should only be used for conventional ovens.

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