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Thursday, 12 December 2013 04:10

10 Best Tips on How to Keep Your House Clean

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It always feels great to be welcomed in a house that is clean, smells fresh, and keeps looking new day after day. But as life is progressing, our daily and weekly schedules are becoming more strained, and it is hard to spare time for cleaning our homes. This is when the importance of hiring a professional cleaner strikes the mind, and it is in fact the best way out. They know their job upside down and can deliver a clean house within hours.

In case you do find some time for cleaning, here’s a brief guide on how to clean you house. Listed below are a few tips on how to keep a house clean, read on!

1. Stop the dirt from entering the house

The most common way in which dirt enters the house is through the soles of shoes. To keep it out of the house, limit the number of entrances, and also place absorbent doormats at every entrance, which will soak all the dirt, muck and prevent it from entering the house.

2. Wash the sink after every meal

Sinks in the kitchen are most prone to reeking if not kept clean and this is the reason why they should be washed after every meal is over with all the dishes washed and stacked neatly in their place. Keeping your house clean is not possible, if your kitchen remains dirty.

3. Throw away every bit of trash

If anyone asks me how to keep the house clean, my prompt reply is – throw the trash. And, mind you, we’re not talking about garbage in the bags; we’re talking about hidden garment tags, wafer packs in the drawers, empty medicine bottles, etc.

4. Wash laundry regularly

Ok, you might not get time everyday for washing laundry, but make it a habit to wash loads of laundry on alternate days and don’t pile them up for the weekend. Laundry starts reeking if kept unattended for too long.

5. Implement a House cleaning schedule

Since time is scarce, the best way to keep a house clean is to prepare and implement a house cleaning schedule – clean the bathrooms every Monday, laundry every alternate day, mopping floors twice a week, and so on.

6. Adopt the minimalist approach

The best tip on how to keep a house clean is to reduce the clutter to the minimum. Be it furniture, decoration pieces and so on.

7. Hire a professional for occasional cleaning

Even when you are regular in cleaning your home, dust, dirt, and grime can accumulate in corners that are hard to reach and therefore, hiring a professional residential cleaner for thorough cleaning is advisable. Ceilings, walls, microwaves, they clean it all.

8. Clean your appliances after every use

Appliances are indispensible in a modern kitchen and so is the cleanliness. Microwaves, ovens, dishwashers, fridge, gas stove, mixers and grinders must be washed after every use for a longer life and consistent performance.

9. Maintain toilet hygiene

Using disinfectants for cleaning the toilets is very important. Use anti-bacterial wipes and hand washes. Replace hand towels every day, tap dry the floors, seats and washing area after use.

10. Maintain a junk drawer

It’s a common habit among homeowners to keep dumping food packets, old letters, invitation cards, clothes tags etc. in any hidden corner of the house. Why not create a junk drawer, which is emptied every week?

Apart from this, I’m sure readers also have their own tips on ‘how to keep my house clean.’ Combine what you know with what we’ve told you about house cleaning, and live a healthier and happier life.

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