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Thursday, 12 December 2013 04:13

10 Best Tips for Cleaning Your Oven and BBQ

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It’s a daunting task for any homemaker to keep the BBQ or the oven clean. As much as you enjoy barbequing your meat, you’re also afraid of the haunting task of cleaning the grease and grime residue left behind from the cooking. No one wants yesterday’s Barbeque Fish to reek in today’s barbeque lamb, and so it becomes even more important to keep your oven clean and smelling fresh.

Over the past years, people have started hiring professional oven cleaning services in Sydney, but this is not done every time you barbeque. The general trend is to get the barbeque cleaned annually or bi-annually by hiring domestic cleaning services in Sydney. But what about every day cleaning? Since there is no alternative to it, here are 10 best tips for cleaning your oven and barbeque.

  • Wire Cleaning

One of the simplest methods of keeping the grills of the barbeque clean is brushing it off once before use, and once after use. Brass bristles are the best bet. They won’t scratch the grill surface, and yet help you swiftly clean off the left over food on the grill.

  • Grill Stones

Grill stones particularly come handy when you have to remove grease and stuck-on food from the grill surface. They resemble the large pumice stones, but provided with a handle for easy scrubbing. These stones can be used over all kinds of grill shapes and sizes.

  • Soaking

When all else fails to restore your clean grills, it’s time for soaking them in soap water for a few hours. Use warm water, and let the grill remain soaked, till all the particles have loosened from the surface. This technique is best for cleaning the fussy edges, where scrubbing is not an option.

  • Burning Off

Burning off is the most common way of cleaning grills. Simply keep the barbeque running for a while after you’re done cooking. The burnt food particles loosen easily. Later, when the oven is cooler, you can scrape off all the burnt food remnants.

  • Oiling the Grills

A slightly tricky method of keeping the grill clean, but one that needs least effort and ensures thorough cleaning is oiling the grills. Simply oil the grills prior to placing the food over the barbeque. This will prevent the food from sticking, and even if some of it sticks, removing the particles is much easier.

  • Steam Cleaning

An occasionally used method for grill cleaning, steam is used by professional domestic cleaning services in Sydney. Tricky to be managed at home, experts oven cleaners Sydney will do all the needful for you.

  • Use Vinegar

Mix water and vinegar, and spray it over the entire barbeque grill. Let it dry for about 10 to 15 min. Then take a piece of aluminum folded several times. Spray white vinegar over it and scrub the surface of the grill.

  • Pipe Cleaning Brush

While in the above we have talked about cleaning the grill from inside, keeping it clean from the outside is equally important, and for this you can use a simple pipe cleaning brush, and remove all the cobwebs, and dust.

  • Ammonia

The most unpleasant cleaning method, but certainly an effective one, ammonia might be used by professional domestic cleaners in Sydney. They soak paper towels in ammonia, and then wipe off every corner of the grill and the oven.

  • Hire Professional Oven Cleaning, Sydney

Once every year, it becomes imperative to get your ovens and barbeques cleaned by professional domestic cleaners in Sydney. They dismantle every part of the barbeque, clean it separately, and reassemble it to make it look as good as new.

For any domestic cleaning service you wish to avail in Sydney, Australia, we recommend you try Cleansky, a trusted brand that helps in keeping hundreds of homes clean throughout the city.

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