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Fitness centers and gyms are ideal places for bacteria and germs to thrive; therefore, it becomes important to keep the facilities clean. Health conscious people will only prefer neat and clean facilities.

Clean Sky, is one of Sydney’s leading gym cleaning provider company. We service a wide range of clients and have always managed to strike a balance between innovation, customer support and professional expertise.

Our gym cleaners have attained this success by maintaining high standards and consistency. It is our aim to send every client fully satisfied with the quality and standard of our work ethics. We look to maintain a long term relationship with all our clients and not just a quick buck like other companies in the area.

Gyms have become an essential part of our modern lives. With the number of people visiting gyms on the rise, the level of sweat and body fluids is also on the increase. The constant use of the showers, sauna rooms and other facilities can encourage the germination of moulds, infectious bacteria and other pathogens.

Cleaning the gym is time consuming and can be very stressful if tried to be done you. Clean Sky guarantees that your gym will be spick and pan and maintained with the highest standards of cleanliness.

We offer you our professional services at the most competitive gym cleaning rates in the industry.

Why Choose Gym Cleaners at Clean Sky?

We operate our services on well laid out processes backed by decades of experience. We have maintained a long and healthy business relationship with all our clients. We offer you the following:

• Customer satisfaction is top priority

• Size of the job not a criterion

• Custom design services according to the clients site, equipments and machines

• We LISTEN to the client to understand his expectations and requests and the standard he is expecting

• Our team is experienced, trustworthy and fully reliable

• WE send specific team to fulfill specific needs of the client

• Constant brushing up of skills and training for the team

• Always available 24/7 to be of any help to you

• Clear communication without any hidden charges, about the rates

• Most competitive rates in the industry

• Provide a free quote online, without any obligation

• Follow all health and safety standards

How Are We Different From Other Cleaning Service Companies in Sydney

It is of utmost importance that gyms maintain the utmost standards of hygiene and cleanliness. The safety and health of the patrons depends on the level of cleanliness in the gym. At Clean Sky we understand the importance the high standards of sanitisation and cleanliness of fitness machines. Our gym cleaners sydney offer the following services specially designed for a gym:

• Removal of Odour and germs

• Special cleaning for sweat, body odours, build up in showers, mildew

• We use non toxic cleaning chemicals to remove all pathogens

• Prevent the spread of moulds to different areas

• Special cleaning of fitness equipment

• Regular cleaning of changing rooms and lockers

• Schedules cleaning of trash bags and bins


At Clean Sky we believe only a healthy staff can be happy and can in turn keep our clients happy with our top quality work standards.

Contact Clean Sky for Gym Cleaning Sydney at 1300 41 81 41.

Gym owners can get a free quote online or on phone. You can call us at 1300 41 81 41 or fill out a short online form.




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