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High Pressure Cleaning

If you've been noticing lately that the appeal and aesthetics of your home are on a constant decline, it's the right time to go for pressure cleaning Sydney. Our experience in the past five years of existence is that most home owners don't have the time, expertise, will and resources for keeping their homes clean. They keep hunting for professional cleaners in Sydney that will restore the liveliness of their living spaces and meet certain standards of hygiene.

This is where Clean Sky comes into the picture. We are committed to the cause of keeping homes and commercial properties clean and fresh for all our customers. We offer a vast range of cleaning services in Sydney, and understand that maintaining the health and hygiene is the top priority of most home owners.

Why it is also important to keep your premises clean and up to the mark is for maintaining a high market value. Property that looks fresh and appealing will always command more value than property that is smudged with dust and dirt, on the interior and the exterior.

Regular washing will keep it clean, but not super clean. Stainless walls, floors and ceilings require pressure washing in Sydney, every once in a while. Pressurized water exerts force over the dirt particles to make them lose and they tend to flow out with the water, leaving behind a new like surface.

Our pressure washing services include the following, take a note:

Residential pressure washing

Homes exteriors walls, roofs, patios, driveways, and decks all need professional pressure washing in Sydney. External elements like smoke, dirt, dust, smudge, soil, etc. when they work upon surfaces for a long span of time make it look dull and worn out. Simple cleaning with detergents might help a bit, but can never completely renew these surfaces. Moreover, how many of you have the time and resources to carry such heavy duty cleaning?

In such cases, our professional Sydney pressure cleaning services can come handy. Our team of experts will arrive at your home; inspect the various surfaces that need a cleanup. We bring our own personalized equipment and cleaning products so need not provide us anything.

Commercial pressure washing

Residences are still easier to clean on your own, but large commercial complexes, with high rising buildings, huge underground parking, and driveways need professional cleaning services. Offices need to maintain clean premises, otherwise how would you leave their prospective clients impressed?

At, Clean Sky, our team is well equipped to handle all kinds of commercial cleaning, be it the exterior, the interiors of the office, the roofs, and every other tricky area, where heaps of dirt have piled up.

High pressure cleaning

Cracks and crevices around the house attract grime and dirt, and over time and become warehouses of muck. You may try cleaning them on your own, but the results are likely to remain not so satisfactory. You need to avail high pressure washing in Sydney, in order to accomplish those over the top clean looks.

With the right mix of equipment, cleaning agents and our expert personnel, who execute such high pressure cleaning, there is not a chance that a grain of dirt will remain clunk to parts of your home.

So, if you're seriously looking for professional cleaning service in Sydney, call us today at 1300 41 81 41 or you can also order a free cleaning quote online, and we'll call you right back.

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