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Strata Cleaning

People living in high rising building complexes, or where premises is divided into several individual strata, are allotted common areas that everyone is equally entitled to use. For example we have the parking spaces, building lifts, lobbies, and maybe a common laundry area, etc. It is therefore the collective responsibility of all people using these common areas to keep them clean and launder some money for their regular maintenance.

And, while most of you don't have the time to clean you own homes, we at Clean Sky understand that taking time for common cleaning will be all the more harder for you. And even if you do have the time, strata cleaning is not kid's job. Imagine cleaning large lobbies on your own, or climbing up to parking ceilings to remove cob webs.

Since your effort will not be counted as social service, the better option is to hire professional strata cleaning services. Correct cleaning and maintenance of the common areas ensures a great environment, whether we're talking about offices or residential accommodations, or whether it's a huge area or smaller property land.

To further provide with more specialized services, we have divided our offerings into two different segments that deal with commercial spaces and residential spaces separately. So, if you wish to know what the difference is, here it is:

Commercial Strata Cleaning

Our commercial strata cleaning services are competitively priced and we ensure that no matter how big or small the office premise is, we help you maintain a clean environment.В In fact a clean overall environment ensures that employees work more efficiently and remain healthy throughout. At,Clean Sky we also understand that cleaning services should bear minimum disruption to the day-to-day working of the employees, and this is the reason why we also offer you early morning and late evening strata servicein Sydney.

We appoint professionally trained permanent cleaning personnel to inspect the premises and prepare a report on the cleaning requirements. We then prepare for you a budget and finally begin with the work after your approval. Our services are all inclusive, so whether it is cleaning windows inside-out, vacuum cleaning every corner, cleaning the parking space or elevator cleaning, we'll do it all for you.

Residential Strata Cleaning

As more and higher rising buildings are sprouting around the town to accommodate more people the need for hiring residential strata cleaner is also increasing. How would you clean the outside of your windows on say the 10th floor? Or is it possible for any one of you in the building to take up cleaning of common areas like the lobbies, elevators, stairs, etc.? The answer is clearly a no.

In this case, you can hire our professional services for strata cleaning in Sydneyon a weekly, monthly, fortnightly basis or as is suitable to you. A team of well trained cleaning personnel will come well equipped with latest cleaning equipment, and in combination with our unique cleaning processes will work to convert dull and sulking looking building premises into a new vibrant living area.

So, without further delay, call us at 1300 41 81 41 or order for a free cleaning quote online and soon we will be at your service.

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