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Leather Cleaning

Leather furniture is an expensive yet excellent investment when it comes to adding a classy touch to your home. Leather is tidy, durable and soft, but common wear and tear is clearly noticeable on it. As the impact of dullness and grubbiness is more evident over time, cleaning and maintenance become vital.

But since taking care of or/and restoring leather is not as ordinary a job as cleaning fabric or some other material, it always takes a professional hand to bring your elegant leather upholstery its previous glory back! It is imperative, however, that you find an established, experienced and above all, reliable residential leather cleaning service provider. 

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Why Choose Clean Sky Leather Cleaning Service?

Leather cleaning is one of the primary residential cleaning services we at Clean Sky  specialise in. Why we are the first preference of homeowners for leather cleaning in and around Sydney is because:

• Clean Sky technician is certified by the IICRC as well as professionally trained to take the best possible care of the delicate leather furniture

• Each cleaning job is examined and pre-tested for ensuring full safety

• Highly professional and personal service at the most competitive prices

• Regular care program to double your leather’s wear life

• Free advice for proper care of valuable leather

• Heavy discounts for regular customers


What Does Full Clean Sky Leather Cleaning Program Involve?

Our residential leather cleaning program includes some simple steps: 

Step 1: Thorough Dusting 

The first step is always thorough dusting of sofas and other leather furniture items. The spaces between seat cushions are always paid special attention.  For proper dusting, quality vacuum cleaners are used.

Step 2: Careful Observation of the Areas that need Cleaning

Before cleaning your leather furniture, our cleaners check for any grimy spots. All such areas are wiped down with a clean and wet cloth.

Step 3: Removal of Lightly Soiled Areas

In order to remove big patches created by light soiling, clean, damp and soapy cloths are used. We make sure a natural soap that is gentle on the leather is used for the job.

Step 4: Spot Testing and Application of the Cleaning Products

Even though Clean Sky experts use quality cleaning solution, it is tested on a small sofa spot that is not visible. Finally, the cleaner is applied on the leather and slightly rubbed with a damp cloth. The cleaning product is reapplied until all the parts of each furniture piece are properly cleaned. 

Step 5: Conditioning the Leather

Once your sofas are completely dry, a light coating of quality leather preservative is put all over. We make sure a quality, natural ingredient- based conditioner is used to enhance the leather life.

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